Pair Delidded Intel Xeon 3.46GHz X5690 Mac Pro 2009 4,1 Upgrade

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Delidded Pair - Intel Xeon X5690 Processors SLBVX 3.46GHZ - LGA1366 Six-Core CPU. Condition is Used. Shipped with USPS First Class Package.

For dual-CPU Mac Pro 4,1 2009 upgrade.

Fully tested before shipping.

Note that different from many sellers, this product has CPU die like a mirror. No residues of solder, thus much better thermal conduction.

You may need some other items to install your CPU:
* T-key wrench. You can buy it from amazon: "EKLIND 54930 3 MM Cushion Grip Hex T-Handle T-Key Allen wrench".

4,1->5,1 firmware update program. You can download  from github. Just google "github MacProFirmwareToolUpdate".

* 90% alcohol chem pad and thermal paste. You can buy from most electronics stores.


Install guide:


Note that for testing we used pencil eraser and then used 90% alcohol to clean the pin contacts before install. Just in case it cannot boot for you, the first thing I’d try is to clean them again. Any questions about installing it are very welcome.