How to Upgrade iMac Pro SSD Flash Storage

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iMac Pro 2017 SSD has a T2 chip controlling two flash modules. Those modules are compatible with the modules used in Mac Pro 2019. So you can buy Mac Pro 2019 SSD kit to be used in your iMac Pro.

First you need to use some tool to open the computer case. Note that after you separate the screen panel from the body, behind the display there are still cables connecting to motherboard. So remember not to separate the display panel too far away from the body otherwise you will break those cables. Then you need to disconnect a bunch of components and take the motherboard out. Then you will see the T2 chip in the middle of two flash storage modules. With the "T2" text facing you, the right module needs to be label of number "1" and the left module needs to be label of number "2". You can also double check the right module needs to have serial number ending with "00" and the left module needs to have serial number ending with "01". If you swap the position of those two modules it won't work. After you place back the motherboard and connect all components, I suggest you don't use the adhesives to stick on the display panel yet. Just use some tapes to temporarily hold the display panel and then do install Mac OS on your new storage.

At this time if you boot computer it will show black screen since you need to restore the T2 chip to work with new modules. To do so you need another Mac computer and connect your iMac Pro to the other Mac using a USB-C cable. Connect one head of USB-C cable to the port right next to ethernet port on the back of your iMac Pro. Other ports won't work. You also need to install Apple Configurator 2 on the other Mac. After connecting those two Macs, you need to put iMac Pro into DFU mode.  Open Apple Configurator app. Then disconnect power cable. Then hold power button while plugging power cable and keep holding power button for 3 seconds. Then iMac Pro will become DFU mode and you will see a DFU icon in Apple Configurator. Click the DFU icon and in "action" menu select "restore". After that you can reboot iMac Pro and start install Mac OS on it. The default recovery from internet should work. If your iMac Pro was used by other person, you need to ask him to remove it from his "find my Mac" list. Otherwise the recovery assistant will ask you to activate the Mac lock using that person's iCloud password.

So that's it. Good luck in your upgrade process. You can email us or leave a message on our website to ask any questions.

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