CPU Delid Cap Opener Tool for Intel Xeon LGA1366 x5680 x5690 Mac Pro 4,1 2009

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CPU Delid Cap Opener Tool for Intel Xeon LGA1366 x5680 x5690 Mac Pro 4,1 2009 dual CPU model. Condition is "New". Shipped with USPS First Class.

Key features:
  • Specially desigend to move lid from right to left, protecting resisters from touched by the push. (Some other tools push lid from top to bottom, which may hurt the resisters on the top side. The only side that doesn't have resisters is right side, so it's safe to use our tool since it pushes the lid from right to left. Please refer to second pic.)
  • Made of steel, better success rate with steady force.

This tool is all you need to remove lid from x5680 or x5690 CPU, no extra mod on it needed.


1) Position CPU exactly as shown in second pic in this item's description.

2) Roll handle clockwise until you see the cap off.

After you delid the CPU, you still need to remove solder that covers CPU die. There are several ways to do so and we don't want to make advice on this. But do remember that CPU die is glass-like and is very fragile.

We also sell all-done CPUs with mirror finish:




Note: This is a tool, NOT a CPU, and NOT for Mac Pro 2010/2012 or single CPU model. Use it at your own risk. If you break your CPU, we don't take responsibility for that.